Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite vegetable?

Onion.  Best cooking thing on earth.  Everything cooked in a skillet is better with Onion.

2. What is your favorite salad dressing, sauce, gravy, or condiment?

I find that awfully vague.  Favorite dressing is Ranch.  No question, we are the ‘ranch generation’.  Favorite sauce?  A spicy peanut Thai sauce will always make me happy.   Gravy?  The white ‘country’ gravy that comes on a chicken fried steak.   yummy.  Condiment > ranch (doy!).

3. What is your favorite culture’s food (American, Chinese, Creole, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Soul Food, Southern U.S., etc.)?

Mexican food.  No contest.  Not sure if that is because I was raised in AZ, or got to discover the best Hatch green chili dishes on earth here in Denver.  Or, likely spending every summer in college backpacking through Mexico to everywhere.  Mexico is my happy place, and Mexican food is same for my belly.

4. What is your favorite beverage?

coffee.  the reason the sun shines every day.

5. What is your favorite food?

sammiches.  I am nuts for sandwiches.  I would seriously be 10 pounds lighter if it weren’t for my lack of control regarding a really good sammich.  I am not talking about Subway here, or a BLT.  Here is an example, and take this as gospel:  go to Safeway and order a ‘Chicago South Sider pannini’.  Seriously, SAFEWAY makes one of the best sammiches on earth.  Want a tip?  Go white bread, and ask her to put the tomatoes and lettuce on after she grills it*.

* If she does this without asking, you are blessed.

** this is not sexist.  Every great sammich maker I have ever encountered is a gal.


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