Friday Fives

Broke ass recession edition

1.  If you had to drop everything and condense life into whatever you can cram into a car in a 20 minute getaway what would you absolutely pack?

Well, on this I get to cheat.  I have a big truck.  Plus, it is completely stocked with everything necessary for any emergency.  Plus, I do disaster training seminars, so I have a lead on this.  What I would grab would be the wife and dogs and cat.  If time, my guitars.  Aw, who are we kidding?  I would grab my guitars.  The wife and dogs can run behind for a bit.

2.  Screw expensive and fancy – what do you like that is cheap, simple and probably a bit embarrassing if anyone really found out?

I love Canadian whiskey.  The cheap shit, in a big brown plastic bottle (like Canadian Club).  I love it because it is sweet, and so makes a great soda mixer.  In addition, it is cheap.  You can get a 1.75 mil (known also as a ‘handle’ to fancy people drink their booze from glass) for less than $20!

3.  Cheap date during the recession – where would you go?

My favorite place – home!  We have a beautiful deck and yard (finally), a kegerator, a great stereo, and netflix plus Roku.  We can do a relaxing night, a movie night, or a get drunk and ugly night.  The house is always ready, since we don’t have kids.  For movies, we have the big screen HD tv with surround sound.

4.  In college, the happy hour with best free food was always a priority.  Any tips on local free food finds.

Oh man, I am out of the game, but we lived by that.  I was working in college and not making crap.  I worked for Greenpeace, so I am not exaggerating.  There were two places we haunted back in Flagstaff.  One place did a deal where if you bought a huge 32 ox mug of beer, you got prime rib sammiches.  Also, there was a wing place (Granny’s Closet?  Something like that) that did 10 cent wings and dollar beers on Thursdays.  Also, a local hotel briefly did a taco bar with purchase of a beer.   They quickly ended that when we swooped in with $2 a piece and feasted.

5.        Have you ever gone dumpster diving?



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