Friday Fives

What is your favorite hobo name?

Funny story about that.  Let me tell you about and old pal named ‘Lobo’.  He was a good guy who used to ride the rails with his trusty monkey, BJ.  They traveled the country solving crimes, and being good old boys. Oh, and getting harassed by the man. Yes, it’s a story I know too well.  That tramp was me, America.  They based a show on it!

Are you afraid of being attacked by a tiger?

Not at all, because tigers aren’t native to Colorado. In addition, animals love me.  I am serious, it’s creepy.  Nope, don’t worry about that at all.  Mostly I worry about bears, mountain lions, and wombats.  We have discussed this before.

What time do the bull’s come home?

Right about 6:30, if you know what I mean.  In that, work is over at 6 and then I drive home.  I don’t know what this means.  Are you hitting on me?

Do you poke the bee hive or rattle the bird’s nest?

Huh?  Is this ‘blogging with a 90 year old dude sitting in one of those aluminum lawn chairs holding a hose asking kids to get off their lawn?’  More importantly, I am not willing to admit I don’t completely understand this question either.

What is your performance bonus money for your exceptional performance during the recession gonna be spent on?

Knowing me, something for the truck.  If you do not know me, but you seek to… just pretend to be interested in dogs and trucks.  You and I will be ‘besties’* in no time.  Aw, who we kiddin’?  All my cash goes to Scientology.  I am a OT -3, but moving up!

* we are no longer using BFF.  It’s over, America.  I will be handling our lexicon modifications going forward.  Best accept that now.  Sooner you do, the sooner we are besties.


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