Friday Fives

1. What was your first car?

1977 Toyota Celica. Sky blue with a sports rack on the back. Cost $1200 in 1989. I had saved every penny of my own money for that car working fast food.

2. What happened to it?

Well, I am glad you asked. Funny story, really. Getting a wild hair up my ass, as 17 year olds do, a friend and I decided to drive to Los Angeles overnight. We were in Phx, about 8 hours away. Both of our parents were out of town, so we figured that was sufficient due diligence.
On the way home Sunday afternoon, the engine blew on it. Left us stranded in LA. We made our way to a Walgreens and abandoned the car there. I called my mom and she asked where I was. I said ‘Walgreens’. She said, be home by dinner. I said “well, mom, I am at Walgreens in Los Angeles.” To be succinct, you can bet that story rears it’s head every Thanksgiving.

3. What is your favorite car you have had of all of them?

Probably my 2001 Tacoma, pictured below. Had to sell it to get something that could tow the horseys.

4. What is your dream car?

A Jeep Wranger. It’s a convertible, it’s a 4×4, and it’s highly modifiable. So, why not get one, you ask. They are cheap, you say. Well, a few reasons. One is that Jeep’s have no safety technology or bells and whistles that other cars have. Jeeps have not evolved in 4o years. Also, there is no storage. Also, Jeeps are the most unreliable cars on the market according to Consumer Reports (and everyone I have met). The biggest concern, though, they are really uncomfortable. We do 12 hour drives routinely, so a car has to be comfortable (power seats, lumbar… etc).

5. Would you rather > be hit by a car or fall from a building?

Hit by a car. Hit by a car means A) I get a new car… and B) I was surrounded by steel when I was hit. Can’t say the same about the building option.


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. What about your van? That was pretty cool.

    Also, I think you misunderstood #5. I think it’s asking… if you were walking down the street… and a car hit you. Would you prefer that… or falling out of a building.

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