Friday Fives

show me the funny

1.    If I were to poll others, what would they say is the funniest thing you have ever done?

I don’t care for that question at all.  It would involve something compromising of my integrity and legend.  Like, some would say, the time I got kicked out a a Vegas casino for calling the rent a cops ‘white slavers for the man’.  Not a wise choice, and certainly not racially motivated (they were white and I am white)… just me being a drunk jackass.

2.     like comedy?  Who is your favorite comedian?  Why?

love comedy.  have lots of favorites, and they change almost annually.  I would have to say the one that stays at the top of the list is Brian Regan.  He is always funny.  His material is timeless, and he works clean.

3.     favorite funny writer

dave barry.  This decision is not biased by the fact that he and I are close personal friends… or ‘besties’.  This evidenced by a crappy photo taken of he and I at a book signing (his, not mine) last fall from my blackberry.


4.     favorite funny movie

toss up between Fish Called Wanda and Princess Bride.  If I had to choose, it would be Princess Bride.  I own three copies on DVD (different editions) whereas with Wanda, I have only two.  Also, I just put Princess Bride on my iPod.  Not to watch.  I listen to it while I drive and recite the dialogue.  I am a sad little man.

5.     what’s so funny?

well, some would say what’s happening right now.  I think we have a skunk in the garage.  I am about 60% sure of this.  So, I threw my cat and dog in there to ferret him out.  This did not work, and all animals are returned unharmed.  I feel kinda let down.  Am still convinced there is a skunk in there.  Think I have to go out myself and do my husbandly duties and broomstick the bastard.  crap!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. In reference to question #1. What about the time you put on a dress and I took pictures (a lot of pictures!!) of you in front of the “Valley-Ho” Motel?

  2. Funniest thing Lono has ever done? Just one? The absurdity has no start or end, just peaks and mesas. One of my favorites was watching him drive to round up the horses (or was it cows?) at Renee’s parents’ house. The funny part was his commentary and dialogue with his 4-footed adversaries as they mocked his every attempt to maneuver them into the corral. I was in hysterics, tears, laughing so hard. Then there was the time in Mexico when Lono told the market owner that I was his gay retarded cousin. I didn’t speak spanish, so Kev yells my name and I turn, drunk, and sheepishly wave from across the store. The market owner was astonished, scared, and took pity on me. I had no idea what was happening. Brilliant.

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