Friday Fives

Ok, corporate monkeys;  This is gonna be a quickie.  I am tired and need to go to bed, how is that for commitment?  Listen, I can’t spend all day surfing the web like you.  I got an economy to run!  These are from Roy, who clearly isn’t applying himself any longer… and will shortly be replaced.

Oh my aching…

back.   cliche, I know.   However, its for realz y’all.  I am on a steady diet of messages and getting unfat, though.

I’m addicted to…

This week I discovered…

I don’t understand….

the appeal of Glenn Beck or Matchbox 20.  Both are watering down America with fake pathos.   Nickelback, I am looking in your direction as well!
…makes my blood boil.

mornings.  the sheer audacity and existence of them.  If you elect me, America, I will eradicate mornings.

have a great weekend, and don’t drive.  Don’t even get in your car.  Between congestion, pollution, and DUI’s, there is just no reason to leave the house. Come over and watch Dexter with me, instead.  * yes, I realize that involves driving.  However… better you than me!  🙂


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