Friday Fives

sorry, I am little late.  I am dying of a cold here, gimme a break!

How bad will the Broncos be this year?

I don’t know.  I can barely name a single player on the team, except for Champ, who will be out by week 3 with a groin or hammy pull.  They won’t be bad, but they won’t be great.  Am thinking about 8 -8.

As Autumn quickly descends, what is your favorite part of this time of year?

well, Fall is the best.  my favorite part about Fall is that cool crisp feeling and smell that the morning’s have.  Also, Fall is better than Spring for other reasons.  In Spring the warm weather only means impending heat.  That does not excite me.  Spring all means yard work, and a LOT of it.  Fall is when things, like me, go dormant naturally.  No yard work, no exterior work on the house, no taking care of trees.  Let it all die off and worry about it in the Spring.  

   Spring means football is over, and it is time to start cleaning.  Fall means football is starting, and we still have a chance.  The only downer about winter isn’t the cold… but the incredibly short days.  Driving to work in the dark, and getting home in the dark… that just kinda sucks.

Who is your favorite weather forecaster on the television

Mike Nelson.  He and I have weathered some serious Colorado blizzards together.  He went to abc, though, and I don’t like their local news.  So, I don’t see him much anymore.  Oh, and Kathy Sabine is HOT.  I saw her at a Red Robin once and she was even hotter in person.  me likey!

Do you set your watch/clock to be a teeny bit fast so that you are never late?

‘watch’    ‘clock’?  What is this, 1990?  Do you wear a members only jacket when checking your ‘watch’?  I use my cell phone for that.  The time on the cell phone is not negotiable, as it is set from the cell towers.

Name one big thing you plan to do in the rest of 2009.

awesome road trip to Moab at the end of October with the new horse trailer.  Also, our band is getting close to securing a regular paying weekend gig… so that is awesome.


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. I know for a fact… that “Lono” used to set his “clock/watch” ahead… by like 4 1/2 days!! This is not a joke!! His hatred for the mornings has been well documented in this blog.

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