NFL – friend of the working class


I wanted to title this one “I told you so”, but that would have been redundant… and obvious. You may remember a bit ago I wrote a rant about how expensive the NFL had become. I talked about how I don’t really go to games anymore.  It is too expensive, too much trouble, very little reward. How expensive? Well, to see a Jet’s game costs $20,000. Ha ha, scared you didn’t I? Just kidding on that one.

$20,000 does not get you into a Jet’s game. It allows you the privilege to purchase tickets to games. Yes, it is the new ‘licensing fee’.   So, jot this down.  $20,000 gets you 0 seats to see the game.

We are in the worst recession in about a hundred years, and this is the NFL’s solution. Well, it was. It gets better. See, most working class folk can’t afford $20,000 for a license to be allowed to buy tickets. In fact, at about $100 a piece, most working class folks can’t afford just to pay for an actual ticket. Well, that an $40 to park and $8 beers. Turns out that I am not the only one skipping games. 20% of America is now staying home. Folks just can’t afford it. Games no longer sell out, which used to be a given. So, what does the NFL do? Lower prices? Eliminate ‘licensing fees’? God, you are dumb.

They aren’t going to do any of that. Wait for it, it gets better. You may be aware of the ‘blackout rule’ the NFL has. If a city does not sell out tickets to their football game, the NFL will not broadcast that game in that market. It is was a rare occurrence, and used to only happen in suck markets like Arizona. With the recession, 20% of seats in stadiums are going unsold. The NFL, in their wisdom, is pulling all those games off the air. The NFL says if you don’t kick down the licensing fees and exorbitant ticket prices, you can not see the game. You will not see the game. NO ONE will see the game. Pretty awesome, huh?

So, keep buying those $80 replica jerseys or your favorite player, and just imagine how well he is doing.


3 thoughts on “NFL – friend of the working class

  1. Being from AZ… I never knew which was worse… the “black-out” games… or when the Cards were on the road and you were “forced” to watch them play!!

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