more reasons to hate CSI Miami


Ok, look at that image above.  I have  problems with that image, and I am about to lay them on you.

that image is one of the icons they use to advertise CSI Miami.   It’s actually a pretty compelling show, except for the horrible acting work of David Caruso.  I say ‘work’ instead of acting, because taking your sunglasses on and off is not acting.  Also, why are you always wearing them inside?  Another thing that drives me crazy is the CSI Miami is televisions #1 export to the world.  The rest of the world is nuts for that show.  So, when the world thinks of Americans… they have two people to reference:  George Bush and David Caruso.  Great.  No wonder why the world hates us.

That isn’t what this piece is about, though.  It’s about those sunglasses.  I really do not like that icon at all.  It upsets me, and seems extremely disrespectful.  Why because of this image below.


Know what that image is?  Those are the glasses John Lennon was wearing when he was killed.  Yup, that’s his blood on right.  Pretty fucked up, huh?  Now, why would Yoko share and celebrate this image?  I don’t know, she is nuts.  Anyhow, this is an extremely powerful image to me.  Those sunglasses up there at the top really remind me of these John Lennon glasses.

Am I over reacting?  I guess I am.  Still, I had to point that out.  Thanks for listening.


11 thoughts on “more reasons to hate CSI Miami

  1. Why do you have to bash such a great show? Seriously man, a hot chick that wears 5-9 inch stilletto heals when in the swamp? Everyone else if up to their waste in swamp and she is walking on water. Plus, every time Horatio (red haired Irish guy) touches his glasses, you know there is a bombshell dropping. I just, uh, sucked that guy, uh, off. (Glasses) Fucked this bitch up old school style! (Glasses) Drama man, drama! My favorite though was one time where his protege explained that the shot came from up on a balcony. H said (Glasses) “The bullet then had a downward trojectory.” (Glasses) The double glasses thing seared the scene into this guy’s brain. Dude, in college, we used to drink every time Donna from 90210 said or did something stupid. Funny thing was that we would drain a case between three people on most of the shows. We wonder why the world is becoming stupider when shit like this stays on the air for more than one episode….

  2. I don’t watch CSI Miami. As far as Yoko celebrating this image, I think that is far off of the mark. I was equally disturbed by this image when I first saw it in a magazine years ago. But the thing that struck me the most, is the fact I didn’t have to read a single word that was on the page to immediately know that these were John Lennon’s glasses, and that blood was on them. I didn’t know until recently that it was in fact his blood, and his glasses. I thought it was fake and in bad taste initially as well. But now, I think that her statement was to never forget what happened to this man that she loved. And the proof of that is that the image does stir an emotion.

  3. Respect for YOKO LENNON-ONO because people who can’t handle reality I personally think that this is up to them, but YOKO had and has all the right to portray the things about John the way she wants to,because John had great respect for her as a human being and loved her so much,wich is easy to spot when you see John and Yoko perform on stage,where John shows his love by tolerating her on stage despice her lack of and on both rythm and keeping tune. John would be very content to have displayed his glasses like this as he was a realist too !!! Deal with it !!! John had to deal with receiving bullets in his body so if you can’t handle his bloodstained glasses then you are not worth reality and I think it is one of the best pictures Ithat I have ever seen. Very tastefull !!! Mark-Vincent.

  4. last comment above – thank you for your feedback, that was decently thoughtful. Indeed john was sacrificed, but I feel yoko has turned john into merchandising. I think you are right about the power of that photo, it shatters me to see.

    however, the gist of this piece wasn’t my dislike foe yoko, but more about my dislike of csi using that iconic imagery to sell adds. Plus, if you haven’t picked this up yet, I really hate carusos feign attempt at acting. That is what really sickens me.

    anyhow, thank you for reading and thank you for the feedback. I have changed some of my views since writing this. I read an incredibly thoughtful piece in rolling stone about the end of the beatles. It was NOT yoko who broke up the band at all. It was about how john brought her to take back control of the beatles from paul.

    it was a chess move by lennon that split the group, and that (at least unconsciously) what broke the band up. It didn’t go bad at all, really. They all had amazing solo careers that gave us so much. It was meant to be. To bad it ended so badly on a personal level, though.

  5. Caruso is a Fag! I imagine all the other CSI actors, yes even NY sitting around laughing their balls off at the opening scene. Number one export? Shit! I thought we were past this Bay Watch mentality. Whatever drives the machine I guess. (At this point in the comment, I am removing my sunglasses, and imagine The Who playing loudly) Caruso, shit, now Dennis Franz, there is an actor who kicked his career ass!

  6. I have been an avid fan of CSI: NY for years now (mostly because I enjoy seeing shows/ movies filmed in areas that I’ve visited). Being a college student, I love watching TV shows in my free time. I decided to subscribe on iTunes to CSI: Miami, thinking that it would be similar to CSI: NY. I was appalled. The acting is worse than my 5 year old sister and her dolls. I took a “forensics” section in my 9th grade biology course and I know more about the subject than these “professionals”. I agree that other forensic TV shows are obviously fake as well, but CSI: Miami is literally a show that employs people who are too old to be the crappy actors on the Disney Channel.
    I am amazed that this show has yet to be cancelled.

  7. CSI? I’d rather pull out my toenails with rusty pliers and dip them in pure alcohol than waste 45 minutes of my life sitting in front of a TV while that show is on. Professional Wrestling has more integrity than CSI. I love how all the actors for all the new shows are “pretty” people. I cannot fathom why they allow the writers for the CSI shows to have more than an etch-a-sketch on which to put their “thoughts”. To quote Berkeley Breathed, the creator of this this show should be dipped in Gravy Train and thrown to a pack of crazed poodles. The situations, the Godlike powers of the CSI teams, the fakery is too far over the top to be even remotely intelligent. The show is written by 9-year-olds for 9-year-olds. Of course, this is from an America who thought W. was a great president.

    I lost count of the nonsensical aspects of this show after the first 10 minutes of the first episode I watched. The commercials were more intelligent, entertaining and informative. I could go on, but I have an old Barney Miller episode waiting, almost as funny as CSI…

  8. Caine enters the scene and stands in a doorway. Removes his glasses and looks down at his feet. (For his contact lens)? Calleigh shows up with her kit, and she’s wearing snow white slacks (Huh)? Ryan smiles for the first time in 13 episodes. That’s where I stopped watching.

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