SNL and the F bomb

I love Saturday Night Live, LOVE it.  I very rarely miss a show.  Obviously, this doesn’t speak to my cool, but I haven’t missed more than 3 or 4 shows in the last 25 years.  This weekend, something happened that rarely does.  A cast member accidentally dropped an F bomb on the air.  It only happens about once every ten years, and I relish every occasion.  Why?  Because it shows the show truly is live and they really are flying on a wing.

What’s tough is this was a new girl, her very first show.  Historically, Lorne has to fire someone who does this.  It gets very expensive, because the network has to pay out assloads of fines and answer to the Christian nutjob at the PTC who can’t understand how a swear word got on TV in the middle of the night.

Anyhow, clips of the incident are disappearing quickly, as NBC works to do damage control.  Here is one that I hope will stay up, courtesy of the Huffington Post.  Watch it a couple of times.  Note the poor girls look on her face as she realizes what she just did (quite possibly end her career in television).   Even better, note how absolute pro Kristin Wiig doesn’t flinch in delivering her line.  Kristen, by the way, has become my favorite cast member.   She is an immense talent that harkens back to the great Ana Gasteyer and Cheri Oteri.  If you can get past her unbearable Target lady skits, there is gold in her work.

This kind of stuff, to me, is what keeps Saturday Night Live one of my favorite shows.

I can’t embed for some reason… so just click up there.


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