Friday Fives

1. Do you still listen to the radio?

sadly, not any more.  Clear Channel, KBCO, and Jack Johnson (in that order, somehow) pretty much killed that for me.  I miss Bret Saunders, though.  I admit that.  Not enough to listen to new Peter Gabriel and Jason Mraz every second song.

2. Do you have a streaming music outlet that you suggest?

streaming?  Nope.  Not down with it.  Everything I need is on my iPod.

3. Do you listen to any podcasts?

I listen almost exclusively to Podcasts.  NPR, usually.  Car Talk, This American Life, Stuff you should Know, Fresh Air, and Adam Corrolla.

4. Have you ever downloaded a video podcast?

yes, I have a bunch of Kenny Mayne stuff Kenny Mayne is an ESPN talent who is hilarious.  Check out his stuff.  This vignettes are called ‘Mayne Street‘.  If you wantch NFL Sunday Countdown on ESPN Sunday mornings, he also does a bit on there called ‘the Mayne Event’.

5. Do read (listen to) any audio books?

not really.  Last Christmas, we had a drive down to Phoenix.  15 hours each way.   I bought a great David Sedaris book (Santaland Diaries).  It was nice for a crazy long drive.  Books on tape are awesome for really long drives.  I wouldn’t do it for just driving back and forth to work.  Too many interruptions.

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