Friday Fives

1. Today is Christopher Lloyd’s birthday.  He was on Taxi.  Do you have any childhood sitcom or other TV show favorites?

First off, I can’t say enough great things about Christopher Lloyd. He is absolutely my favorite character actor.  Remember the evil guy from Roger Rabbit?  How about Doc Brown from Back to the Future?  The best character, probably ever on tv, was his ‘Jig Ignatowski’ from the show Taxi.  Oh yeah, and he was in ‘One flew of over the Cuckoos nest‘  Happy birthday, Iggy!

2. Soupy Sales died this week.  He was a poet, comedian and children’s television star as well as guestin on a lot of game shows and talk shows in the sixties and the seventies.  Do you have a favorite game show?

Well, Soupy was before my time.  So, I don’t have much to add on that.  Favorite game show?  How about my most unfavorite game show > Deal or no Deal.  It is the worst!  Why?  There is no interaction.  There are no questions to answer, or puzzles to solve.  As a viewer, it is a very limited experience.  Plus, that ‘banker’ thing seems awfully forced.  It is too bad, I like Howie.  I think he should go back to inflating gloves on his head.  That used to be his ENTIRE act, but it was pretty damn funny.

3. William Safire died earlier this month. He wrote an amazing column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine each week about language.  What is your favorite under used word?

you know this by now > schadenfrueden

4. It is also Weird Al Yankovic’s birthday. He is an “American Musical Parodist” according to Wikipedia.  Do you have a favority non sensical song?

there is this > Hey jude, I saw you nude.  No need to fake it, I saw you naked.

5. Every fixed something in a rather ugly, clumsy way rather than spending the dough to fix it corretlly? (Inspired by

yeah, there is lots of that.  I call this house my practice house.  I am learning to be handy for sure.  You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, though, eh?


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. LOUIE: Jim… where have you been?!
    JIM: I don’t work weekends.
    LOUIE: You’ve been gone 9 days!!
    JIM: Yeah.
    LOUIE: The weekend is only 2 day!!
    JIM: Must’ve switched to the metyric system.

    Iggy’s the best. Kramer from Seinfeld completely ripped his character off.

  2. My favorite is when (in Taxi) they are sitting around talking about if they could be anyone in history for a period of time. They asked Jim who he would choose. He said himself.

    They asked why and he replied:

    So I won’t have to get new clothes

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