Friday Fives

Ok team, sorry  for the delay.   Was in Moab last week, and not in range.  I did a bit of a travelogue on my Facebook page, but didn’t bother with this.  Was working from a cell phone, and so limited a bit.  Anyhow, better late than never.

1. What scene from a sit-com, book, film or play have you found the funniest and why?
this scene from the Princess Bride.  The one with Wesley, Vissini, and the Iocaine Powder.  I have the movie on my iPod and we watched it a bunch camping this week.  We keep reciting the lines incessantly.  The writing and acting is brilliant.

Wait!  Even better.  Was searching youtube to see if I could crib the scene and paste it here.  Instead, I found this… way better.  A spaz re-enactment.  A spenactment!

2. When was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt and who or what made you laugh?

Prolly that movie.  See, it was really really cold when we got to Moab.  So, there was a couple of hours that all four of us sat in the truck with the heat on and drank a lot.  I have a great stereo system in the truck (surround sound and all that) so we hooked in the iPod and watched the movie together on my little iPod.  I know that sounds dumb, but I bet it is a fond memory for all.  It was silly good fun.
3. What’s the funniest or most absurd situation you have found yourself in? Did you find it funny at the time or afterwards?

There are many, and I am too tired from driving 8 hours today to do any critical thinking or self evaluation.  Finding myself on a yacht cruising ‘the Sound’ around Seattle in front of Bill Gates house marrying my college roommate and his gal on the aft deck at sunset.  That was certainly one.  Explaining to Dave Barry which one of my dogs was the ‘small emergency back up dog’.

4. How would you describe your sense of humor and why do you think there is so much variation among individual’s senses of humor?

my sense of humor comes from my observations and deeply held correct belief system.  Wanna know where I come from, or how I think?  Study Left handed people.  We are a powerful and awesome minority in America (one in ten).

5. Is humour powerful?

according to all six of my readers… yes!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives

    • quite simply – sometbing you should NEVER get involved in. Seriously, don’t. It would be like going against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

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