Friday Fives

What neighborhood do you live in, and what do you like most about it?

Parker.  It’s pretty vanilla.  It’s quiet, though, which is nice.  Also, we have some great neighbors… but you do too.  Oh, and if you don’t live in Denver… I should elaborate about Parker.  We are a small town in South Metro Denver.  really small.  Parker is not a ‘city’, as we do not have 50,000 residents.  We are the town of Parker.  It’s pretty white, and pretty sterile.  We sit at 6,000 feet, and so get more snow than most when the storms hit.  Oh, and I am surrounded by Republicans (but you could have guessed that with the white and sterile part, eh).

Where are you originally from, and how does it compare to Peoria?

well, that’s a two parter.  Born in Buffalo, but raised in Phoenix.  Buffalo is really cold, Phoenix is really hot.  Apparently, my parents didn’t own a thermometer.  Denver is somewhere in-between > both geographically and metaphorically.  Oh, and weatheristically* (*my own word.  You can have it).
How do you, personally, contribute to your community?

to Parker?  Not much.  Tried to get on the town council but it was a big pain in the ass.  To my ‘community’ at large?  Lots!  I work for the Red Cross on public presentations and disaster services.  Also, every Saturday I work at the dog shelter, which I love.  Come visit us, and take one of these damn cats home.  They are so cute, and there are trillions of them.

What is your favorite restaurant/hangout?

I can’t say I have one.  I am old and lame and live in the suburbs.  Most of my free time is spent with the band, practicing or gigging.


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