Friday Fives


1. Do you have a favorite part of autumn?

yeah, the whole thing.  It’s way better than Spring, because it means I don’t have to do any lawn work for six months.  Plus, the changing leaves thing is pretty terrific.  Also, Fall smells different.  btw, you may notice, I call it ‘Fall’, not Autumn.   Autumn is something someone from the 19th century would say, and an unnecessary syllable.

2. “It’s too cold to snow!” Do you think it ever is?

Oh yes, for sure.  I follow weather closely, and consider myself an amateur weather fan.  Snow likes warm.  In fact, the biggest snow storms I have seen the temp was OVER 32 degrees.

3. Do you feel there is still a place for Daylight Savings Time or should we just stop changing the clocks?

I am torn, but mostly in the ‘this is dumb’ camp.  Remember, I am from Arizona, where they don’t bother with that silliness.  However, those really long days in the summer are awesome.

4. Are there certain meals you only eat in certain seasons (salad in summer, stew in winter)?

chili is definitely a cold weather food.  Soups also.   Stuff that has to simmer for a long time on the stove top is most excellent for snowy days trapped in doors.

5. Autumn is…?

now being called Fall, Roy.


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