I was wrong

That’s right, bitches.  I said it.  That makes me cooler than Fonzie.  See, all this time I have been making fun of David Caruso for being:

aw, the list is too long, really.

I still hate him, but realized spending my time picking on him is dumb.  Why?  Someone may read this to him and he may try and kick me in the knees.  Bad idea for all involved.

But, storytelling requires conflict.  Our humble little blog needs an antogonist.  So, who?  Roy?  Nah, too easy.  Caruso?  Again, too easy.  So who?  The Amish.

yes, perfect.  Why?  Because they don’t have the internet.  So, fuck those guys.   For example, do you know who runs most all of the puppy mills?  the Amish.  It’s true, read here.


3 thoughts on “I was wrong

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