a New Years day Friday Fives

1.       What is your resolution this year, and don’t say to get in shape or eat better.  Seriously, on one is buying that crap

continue to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup in it.  That shit is poison.  Seriously.
2.        What was your favorite thing that happened in 2009

Creede family re-union in the mountains.  It was terrific.

3.       What was your least favorite thing … 2009

working to keep my job as my employer laid off 10,000 people

4.       Regarding Tiger > speak:

I could see why he cheated.  It’s not right, but I could see it.  Same reason why so many in politics are totally corrupt.  At that level of success, you begin to think that the rules do not apply to you.  Why so many, though?  And, why all these low class hobo whores?  You had to know they would turn on you in time.  Why not have one super hot piece of tail (like your wife) fly from gig to gig with you.  Have her sign some confidetiality clauses.  Then, if she slips up… kill her.

Just kidding.  Don’t kill people.  You have your lackeys kill her.  Doy!  Everyone knows that. 

 Really, I like how Letterman handled it.  He manned up and admitted the whole thing… and looked us in the eye.  He didn’t force his wife to be there by his side during a super awkward press conference.  Also, by being the one who leaked the story… he controlled the message.  Really, Letterman’s was WAY worse.  Why?  Because these were employees.  So, it was more than cheating on his wife…  it then could easily become sexual harassment.

He never made an excuse for any of it.  He copped to the whole thing and apologized.  There is a lot to be said for that, and it doesn’t happen any more.  Don’t blame society, drugs, an addiction.  Cut all that shit.  You say “I did this. It was my bad.  I am very sorry, and I take full accountability.”  Oh, and if you do something douchey like cheat on your wife, don’t make her stand beside you.  You need to take this one alone, champ.

5.        Regarding Michael Jackson > speak:

I am baffled as to how big a story this was.  Dude was a recluse, who had done nothing in 25 years.  It’s sad, but who really cares?  Now, about his death.  He couldn’t sleep, so he was getting knocked totally unconscious.  Well, I know a great deal about sleep… and he isn’t getting sleep.  I mean, maybe his joints got physical rest, but his brain didn’t.  He wasn’t hitting REM sleep, where you dream and stuff.  It is how your body heals… physically and psychically.  He wasn’t getting the true rest he needed.

It’s a bit of a shame that he never got the chance to mount that comeback tour.  I could have been spectacular.  I haven’t seen the movie, but plan on buying it as soon as it comes out.


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