why i hate the conservative media

well, there are tons of reasons.  Allow to me to elaborate on one specific aspect of why people like Fox news are unamerican.  President Obama said he was going to reform health care. He wasn’t coy about it.  No one questions this, nor was it a secret. He ran on that.  “Elect me, and I will reform health care'”.   This he said, and won extremely handily.  He won.  He won big.  365 to 173 in electoral votes.  America really wanted this guy to win.  They wanted the guy to win who said he was going to reform health care.

So, this is what really pisses me off.  Conservative pundits call Obama’s agenda ‘socialist’, ‘marxist’, or ‘communist’.  They imply he is working against y0u, the voter.  They say his will is counter to will of the American people.  Yet, he is doing exactly what he told us he would do.  There is no bait and switch.  He said he was going to reform health if we elected him.  We elected him, big time.  Now, he is looking to reform health care, and you calling him a commie dick.

See what they are doing?  They are turning you against your President, the one you elected.  The one who, uniquely, was elected fair and square.
For the right wing to fight Obama on health care is very simply to fight the will of the majority of the American people.  Well, the will of the majority of the people is called Democracy.  When you work against it, as the right is, then you are a commie dick.  That isn’t all.  You people are at fault.  Yeah, I just said ‘you people’… because you eating this shit up.  Grow a spine.  Call your Senator and have the stones to say “Hey, we elected Obama to fix this shit.  Stop being obstructionist.”   If he is a socialist, then you are too.  You elected him.  This is why I hate people.  Not you, of course… but everyone else.


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