Friday Fives

1.  what is late? anything you are working on that you are behind on?

annuals.  been sick all week, way behind on work

2.  how do you handle stress?

I am not a stressed person.  Driving is good, though.  Also, if stuck at work, walking around the building a couple of times always works.

3.  any chaos in your life that you just ignore?

Not really.  We live a low drama life, and do not hang out with high drama folk

4.  which do you prefer – a basket of puppies or a basket of kittens?

Puppies are good, so are kittens.  I would have to say puppies.  Why, do you have some?

5.    how much do you want spring and sunnier days to come your way?

Much.  I have a cold, the heat cranked up to 72, and am under a blanket.  I miss the sun.


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