Friday Fives > Olympic Fever

What is your favorite sport this year?

snowboard cross.  I think that is what it is called.  It’s when four snowboarders go down a course at the same time.  Total chaos, monster jumps, and wipeouts galore!

What Sport has pulled you in unexpectedly?

the one mentioned above.  I didn’t know it existed until two nights ago.

Curling > discuss

is this really a sport?  Let me guess, Canadians are really good at it.  You know, every year sports get kicked out of the Olympics for not drawing enough interest.  For example, after Bejing, Women’s boxing was dropped for good.  So was softball.  Yet… curling holds the world spellbound?  Well, it isn’t on yet… so maybe I will get into it too.  Or, was it on during the day when no one is watching because it sucks?

If you could add your own winter sport, what would it be?

football (American rules, NFL style).  that would give me an extra two weeks of football after the superbowl.  Imagine how ferocious Russia would be.  Those commie bastards are bruisers!  Of course, they would have to play outside as well.  Why not?  They put baseball and basketball and hockey in.

What is a sport you would eliminate?

the ice track short race relay thing.  Did you see that the other night?  Jesus, how confusing was that?  It was total madness.  Imagine doing a relay, ok?  You against three other guys.  It’s around your kitchen table.  four of your race around your kitchen table, but half way across, another runner tags in.  you say, but dude… we are only going around a kitchen table.  We don’t need a hand off.  and I say “yes you do, racist!”.  So, the video is here.

however, being goofed on cold medicine and perhaps mildly over Olympic’d… this is exactly what I saw.

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