fun with face tattoos

Update Sept 2020 – Maybe I was wrong!  Scroll to bottom for update

I don’t know a lot.  But, I do know this; these guys mug shots are not for crimes of caring too much.  I bet a  million dollars that this guy is not wanted for putting change in other people’s parking meters.  I am also guessing these fellows aren’t up for parking tickets.


Go ahead, ask him if he filed their taxes as a 1, or an exempt.  He will, of course, punch you.  Here is my thought.  You know these guys are bad, really bad.  They have clearly given up on what anyone thinks of them.  They have clearly given up on working for a living.  I am betting they don’t talk to their families much.  These folks are wanted for some serious crimes.  Normally, I would not make fun of such dudes.   Such dudes would kick my ass in a heart beat… and rightfully so.   However, I am betting they aren’t big social satire blog readers.   Or, readers at all.

I just want to say this; would it not be safe to just take everyone with a tattooed face and just put them in jail?  You can bet every one of them has done some horrible stuff.  I know the ACLU would be up in arms, saying this is the same as racism.  Nope.  No it’s not.  There is no comparison to dudes who have tattooed their faces.  They are giving their position, unequivocally.  That position is, quite simply:  fuck you.

Think these guys pay taxes?  Go ahead, ask the guy above if he is a supply side economics type.  Ask him if he itemizes, or takes the standard deduction.  Of course, you will get punched.  Hell, ask him what time it is.  You will get punched.

You know what, though?  This is petty, and I should be better.  See, life is not about making fun of people you don’t like.   No, make fun of people you are quite sure don’t read your blog.  That is my system, and I am sticking to it.

But, being as though I am a beacon of fairness, let’s put it to a vote.  Next election, I will have it on the ballot:  should we arrest everyone with a tattooed face?  It will win overwhelmingly.  Why?  Because dudes with tattoos on their faces don’t vote.

*** update Sept 2020

Maybe I was wrong!  This guy, Sylvian Helane, got fired from his teaching job because of face tattoos.  Not a couple, either.  Take a look for yourself.

Helaine says he loves being a primary school teacher.

So, what do I think about that? What is my smart ass over generalized judgement? Gosh… I don’t have one. I am torn. I truly see both sides of the argument. If it were up to me, and I was the school board… would I have fired him? No. BUT… I certainly probably wouldn’t have hired him, either. Once you hire him, you should have cause to fire him. Unless he got those tattoos after, firing him seems wildly unjust.

A deeper read actually says he wasn’t fired from the school, but taken away from teaching very, very young children (dude was a kindergarten teacher). As long as he got to keep his job and teach, I am not against this move.

Look at his response, though. Dude makes a great point, and now I feel like a dick. I ain’t taking this post down, though. I’d rather not censor my mistakes, but leave them out and open to discuss.

He said he hoped to show his pupils that they should accept people who are different from the norm. “Maybe when they are adults they will be less racist and less homophobic and more open-minded,” he said.

ok, below is a tangentially related rant on the French and their love of work stoppage as a means to address absolutely everything. Maybe this should be its own piece, but I kinda feel it isn’t my business. I have never even been there. Because of their reputation, it isn’t high on my list to, either.

I can imagine we won’t see a class action lawsuit out of this, though. Wouldn’t it be funny if ALL the kindergarten teachers of France with face tattoos rose up? Yeah, I think it is just this guy in that sweeping category. Plus, there is no way the French are as litigious as us. The French can’t sue for work discrimination… when they don’t work. They are too – busy – striking.

As France sees its biggest mass strikes in 30 years, many international commentators seem baffled as to why the French are always striking.

Why do the French strike so much?

Why are the French, who seem to have much, so quick to protest?

on one of those articles, this popped up in the side bar. This banner below is just one day in the life of the French news cycle… tracking the thousands of strikers. I am all for freedom and rights, but don’t the French have a system for things? Like… voting? referendums? They really need to find a non strikey way to address social issues.

I remember years ago, some French leader just went on a tirade about all of this and told the French people to ‘stop striking so much and get back to work!’. I could not find that article, and that man was probably shot.

oh, here is a quote from one of those pieces above that just perfectly sums up my (and perhaps the world’s) perception of the French –

Puzzling as it may seem in a country that appears to have so much going for it — fine wines, haute cuisine, high fashion and roughly 1,000 different cheeses — the French are Les Misérables. As author Sylvain Tesson told France Inter radio recently: “France is a paradise inhabited by people who believe they’re in hell.”

once more…

On paper, the French have few reasons to be gloomy: They enjoy free and universal access to an enviable health system ranked first by the World Health Organization, free schools and universities, a maximum 35-hour workweek, six weeks’ annual vacation, paid parental leave and an enviable welfare safety net.

Despite the recent strikes, the pension system is comparatively generous: Retirement age is 62, but many workers in the public sector, including train drivers, can retire much earlier, some in their early 50s.


5 thoughts on “fun with face tattoos

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  2. wow, you must be so far above everybody else in the world, if you dont like tattooed faces then don’t look at them.
    I have tat’s on my face and i would bet you that in the last 5 yrs i have paid more taxes, voted more often on things that matter the real people in the world and donated more of my income to carity than you will in the next 10yrs.
    Go back to living under your mums skirt, how narrow mind and uneducated can one person be.

  3. Dude above made a great point and a fine rebuttal. Note, I can delete these comments. I never delete comments critical of my work or opinion. I enjoy the discussion and back and forth. Plus, I am willing to bet Brendan can kick my ass.

    However, I am standing by my claim. Perhaps it is generalizing and stereotyping > which I excel at. On the whole, though, my statement stands.

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