Friday Fives

What is your favorite book and why?

Alice in Wonderland.  So many reasons.  We won’t talk about drugs, but there is definite serious drug issues and references.  What I love about it is how well Alice handles things in the story.  She is never freaked out or taken aback.  She is my hero.   I used to carry that book with me everywhere.  Now, I keep one in every bathroom in the house.  Also, it has stood up extremely well.  This was written in 1860’s… that is civil war era.

Also, it was written by a professional, and published, mathematician.  Oh, and here is something else awesome, and speaks to the author’s capabilities.  The entire second book (Through the Looking Glass) is actually a chess game that can be mapped and played.  I genuinely and truly can not say enough good things about this book.  I have a degree in Literature, and it is likely thanks to the world of wonder and joy that I found in those books.

How many languages do you speak?


How many family members do you have named Bill?, Jim? ETC?

no Bills, nor Jim’s.  I refer to my family as ‘plaintiff’ and the tend to call me ‘defendant’.  That is all the judge said I am allowed to say about it. By the way, that was a dumb question.  I really saved it with the clever answer, though, don’t you think?

Whats your all time favorite song?


What can’t you imagine your life without?

Besides my best gal?  Coffee.


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