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I wanted to write about the Lost finale, but that whole Christian biblical mess o’ symbolism in the sideways world was just too much jive for me to handle.  I mean, the whole church thing just sucked.  They are all dead?  They were always dead?  Total cop-out, and too preachy.

I did like how things ended on the island, though.  That was cool.  I knew from a couple shows in to the last season that Hurley was the chosen one.  How did I know?  Well, he was the only one Jacob talked to.  So, even when Jack was chosen, I knew it was a stall.   I like the piece on sacrifice, too.  When they had to go down in that cave and plug the rock.  They didn’t really know what to do or what would happen… but they had to try.  Since they had to re-plug the hole, I am guessing the thing Jack did was wrong.  That is the hero’s journey.

I would like to know more about the island.  Did it heal people (Bernard and Locke)?  If the smoke monster was Jacob’s brother… the man in black… why would he take is mortal form anywhere?  Why not just be a bad ass smoke monster?  I also want to know more about Whidmore and Jack’s dad.  Everyone seemed connected to Jack’ dad (Christian Shepard… get it.  The bible stuff isn’t even subtle.  Jack’s dad was the christian who sheparded everyone into the light.  lame!)

Now that it has been some time (about 6 months) I can’ decide if that show was an epic waste of my time over the years.  I am beginning to think it was.  Considering every episode was about questions, and never about answers.  I was promised the answers would come and they never did.  I should have left after season 1.  That whole season in the hach was totally pointless.

 So, skip that.  Here is a cop out.  The first 6 songs that pop up in full random on my iPod.

ok, we have 7390.  Also, my life is a lie.  Really, I just listen to NPR or Pandora.  Tell no one.

Hallah > Mazzy Star > She Hangs Brightly

Ah, Mazzy.  Found them in college.  It is a stoner groove band led by Hope Sandoval.  You may know the song ‘Fade into You’. While that is not on this album (She Hangs Brightly was their first), this album is better.  Worth buying.

February Stars > Foo Fighters > Skin and Bones

This is a good disc.  It is a live greatest hits record.  I love the Foos, and they are one band I have not yet seen live.  This disc was downloaded from the library.  I kinda feel like I am stealing when I do that… but I am a tax payer… right?  Dave Grohl is a great rock star.

No Quarter > Tool > not commercially released

Tool used to do this song live, the Zeppelin classic.  Not sure where I got this from.  It is a studio cut, but it wasn’t released on any album.  I used to LOVE Tool.  I still love their older stuff.  However, with (and after) LAteralus… it is just these sweeping and pointless 20 minute jams.  Go find Undertow, and buy it.   I would tell you to get their first album, the EP… but let’s be honest.  You can’t handle that.

Horror of it All > Anthrax > Among the Living

this song isn’t very good, frankly.  However, this album is AMAZING.  This is speed metal at it’s best.  I put this album up with Master of Puppets.  I saw Anthrax on this tour (the Joey Belladonna years, not the Frank Bush years) live on this tour, and it was awesome.  Metal Church and Megadeth opened up, so it was about the best night possible for a 16 year old Lono.

* big news.  In researching links and background for this piece, I just learned Joey Belladonna has rejoined the band (after about 20 years gone) and is touring with Anthrax this summer.  See you there, crackers!

Galileo > Indigo Girls > 1200 Curfews

good album, but a little shy of great for me.  It is a live greatest hits disc, with a pretty dope Dylan cover ‘Tangled up in Blue‘ on it.  This song, specifically, is my absolute favorite.  It was on the studio disc ‘Rites of Passage’, which has the most insane and beautiful and passionate cover of Dire Straits ‘Romeo & Juliet‘.

Cat Handcuffs > Steve Martin > A Wild and Crazy Guy

this is good stuff.  the original stand up comedian.  This is Steve Martin doing arenas in the 70’s.  There is a great joke on here that goes something like this:  I am writing a book with this total jackoff dickweed.  It’s called ‘how to get along with people’


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