Friday Fives


1.    If you could fly, how would you do it? Wings? Rocket pack? Purely under your own power, like Superman?

Under my own power, duh

2. If you could transform into other people, look however you wanted, how would you choose to look, or who would you turn into?

I would transform myself into Jennifer Aniston.  Then, I would go to town on myself.

3.    If you could turn into an animal, which animal would it be?

A bald eagle.  I would be a flying and killing machine.  Plus, I am protected…  so you can’t touch me.

4. If you had superpowers, would you use them to become a vigilante superhero, fighting crime?.

All of those things, and so many more I wouldn’t tell you about.  One is going to rock concerts without paying $100 a ticket and $50 in Service Fees.

5.    Who would win: cancer addled John Wayne or Cancer addled Steve McQueen?

Simply put, I would kick both their dead asses.


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