Friday Fives

What about a favorite secret song, a song you love that no one should really know that you love?

Still the one from Shania Twain.  That song is crazy good, and I will deny it for life if you find it on my iPod.  I will probably tell you it is on there for my wife.  Tell no one.

Do you wear a life jacket when you go swimming?

No.  I was raised in water, having grown up in Phoenix.  However, if I am on watercraft, I almost always wear a life jacket.  I call it a PFD, but you can keep calling it a life jacket.  Come to think of it, it doesn’t make sense.  When I am out of the water, I have on a PFD.  When I am in the water… no need.  I can swim great.  There seems to be a disconnect there somewhere.

Do you ever think about the animals that live in the water when you are swimming?

Generally no.  However, I got to ride my first jet ski in Acupulco.  I rented it for an hour and they let me take off.  After I got out of the bay I saw people heading for the beach quickly.  Long story short… sharks.  Yeah, I freaked out and hightailed it back to the beach, having used about 15 minutes of my very expensive hour.

Also, after watching Planet Earth on Blu Ray, I am pretty freaked out about the whole ocean in general.

What is the worst ear worm to get stuck in your head

Have two currently.  Danny’s Song from Loggins and Messina (even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you honey….).  The wife planted that one there, and it’s caustic.  The second is Jenny (867-5309) as our band is working on it to play live this weekend.

Do you have a favorite misconstrued song lyric

Here is a lyric that is so awesome, it can’t be the correct one.  “Some sweat hoggin’ mama with a face like a gent” from Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion.  Another one to have fun with is Pearl Jam’s ‘Yellow Ledbetter’.  It is more than just Eddie mumbling.  There are no official published words to that song.  It is kind of made up as he goes along, around the framework of a dear john letter.


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