Jesse Jackson please STFU


So, Jesse Jackson is back in the news again standing up for black people.  This annoys the shit out of me, and allow me to tell you why.  I talked about this before years ago, but apparently it bears repeating.  Apparently the black media cabal is not reading my blog.   Their loss!  When Jesse declares himself the advocate, it belittles everything he is trying to accomplish… and is an insult to the community he is trying defend.  See my last piece about trotting out James Taylor whenever crime on whites is perpetuated.  We don’t do it.  To lump all white folk together like that would be limiting, and insulting.

In this instance he was speaking up for LeBron James.  Lebron changed teams last week.  It was a win win for him.  A) he got more money B) he got the fuck out of Cleveland C) might get a chance at a title.  Not a bad plan.

Well, the owner of the Cleveland team flipped a gasket, and handled everything rather poorly.   Read here.  So, Jesse gets up with his collapsile trave podium and says Gilbert (the team owner of the aforementioned rant) was acting like a ‘slave master’.  Good job, Jesse.  You are really elevating the dialogue on behalf of African Americans.  Guess what, Lebron has a PR guy, and it ain’ you.  Why don’t you let him worry about his coach?   Why are you speaking for LeBron?  Do you fear he can’t speak for himself, or adequately articulate his beef with the management?  Jesse, that is racist.  You know who can’t speak for themselves?  Dogs.  Dogs need people to be their advocates, not billionaire athletes.

My point is this:  stop being the spokesman for Black America.  They do not need you, nor do they want you.   Well, I can’t say for certain, being white.  However, it’s my best guess, and its my blog.  See, if LeBron thought this was a race issue… let Lebron address it.  You are embarrassing yourself, and them.  To speak for every black American whois wronged intimates they can’t speak for themselves… and that is more prejudicial than LeBron’s latest awesome contract.   The issue her has nothing to with LeBron James, by the way.  He is just my transition and reminder to address the Jesse Jackson issue.

Is it your goal to remind people at every chance that black americans are still getting screwed?  Maybe that is the case.  However, taking every opportunity to remind them isn’t the way out.  Is that really the way to have a dialogue. What you are doing is negative reinforcement.  It doesn’t work, and is super annoying.   Why not, instead, be the guy who celebrates positive achievements of successful black Americans.  Why not help create some positive role models, since you aren’t anymore?  You are the Debbie Downer of race relations.  No matter what successes black America has, you are there to point out how bad things still are.  You sound like my first wife.

In closing, an analogy.  I love analogies.  Since you treat black Americans like dogs, let me tell you how poorly your plan of negative reinforcement works.   When you want your dog to crap outside, you train him.  Now, do you train him by hitting him whenever he craps inside?  No.  Do you simply say out loud in a press conference “see, there you go.  He will NEVER succeed” every time he craps inside?   No.  You lead him outside.  When he craps outside, you tell him how good he is.  I don’t for a second mean to compare the black American experince to dog training, but it is a salient point.  Pointing out the negative at every opportuity just makes you a fame whore of a pessimist.

  • To clarify something.  I use the term ‘black Americans’ instead of African Americans because it takes way too long to type ‘African Americans’.  Plus, I bet Lebron James has never been to Africa, let alone being born there.

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