Friday Fives

1.Do you have a local brush with greatness? A neighborhood celebrity passing?

local?  I saw Kathy Sabin (local weather gal) at the table behind us at Red Robin a few years ago.  She was smokin’ hot in person, even though she was surrounded by rugrats.  I still love her.  It was difficult to properly ogle and stalk… because I was sitting with the wifey.  Total cockblock.  Shit, she doesn’t read this, does she?  I don’t think she does.

2.What would you give up to become famous?

you mean, more famous, I think.  I would give up my job, how about that?

3.Do you have a favorite live musical performance or recording?

yes, Simon & Garnfukle in Central Park.  I wrote about it more in depth on my music site. It is a perfect concert.  Great song choices, all hits.  They sounded terrific, and they had fun.  You can see it and hear it.  It is the gold standard to which all live recordings are measured in my book.

4. Besides the standards (Football, Baseball, Basketball) what kind of sporting events do you attend?

none.  I don’t even go to football games, which I LOVE.  It is incredibly expensive.  $100 for a crap seat, $40 to park, $10 beers.  No thanks.

5. An obscure Cowboy Junkies just came up on the ol’ MP3 player.  What is your next random song on the player. Where did it come from?

Ghost of a Dog – Edie Brickell.  Oh, I loved Edie.  I used to have a crazy crush on her.  I saw them play live several times, including (interestingly) opening for the Grateful Dead.  Alas, she was stolen away from me by the aforementioned Paul Simon.  Again, cock blocked!


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