Friday Fives

Do people contact you on your cell or house phone more?

Don’t have a landline phone anymore.  Haven’t for years.  Hell, even my mom doesn’t have a land line anymore.

Do you call or e-mail your friends/family more?

Neither, I hate talking on the phone.

Does your cat/dog/bird/baby/stuffed animal have a livejournal/e-mail/myspace account?

I wish the answer to that was no

What do you think will replace the internet?

Replace it?  Nothing.  The question is… how will the internet be integrated into our lives in ways we aren’t thinking of?  What if the crapper was grading your stool sample?  You think that won’t happen?  Your fridge will be online in the next ten years.  Everything in your life will be online somehow… except your toaster.  God bless the toaster!  That fucker hasn’t changed in a hundred years.  I admire that.

How do you feel about VHS’s not being made anymore?

Great.  My VHS player has been in the laundry room behind blankets for about 8 years.  Last year, in cleaning out the garage, I chucked all my VHS tapes.  They are gone.  Even impossible to replace concert bootlegs.


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Uh, you *are* aware that video from VHS can be converted to a digital format such as .mpg?

    Too late, I suppose.

    Which makes it all the more fun to point this out.

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