Friday Fives


1. Do you “Facebook?” Is there a particularly random person on your “book” from your past?

yes, and yes.  Many childhood friends from Phoenix have found me, which is cool.  It’s weird, though.  I don’t even recognize them, just barely the names.

2. Finish the sentence” “I used to think  . . . ”

cops caused all the problems in society.  I used to be all concerned about cops.  I wasn’t a criminal, either.  I just found their presence oppressive, and counter to society’s best interest.  As I have aged, I am way past all that nonsense.  I am cool with cops.  I am reminded of a great Dylan line ‘because the cops don’t need you and man they expect the same.’

3. You are stuck in a lifeboat with a sit com character. Who would it be?

no question.  the greatest character in the history of fiction… Rev Jim Igantowski from Taxi (Christopher Lloyd).  Again, I am reminded of a great quote.  The characters on Taxi were discussing if they could be anyone in history, who would it be.  Jim said himself.  The others were disappointed and asked him why.  He said “so I won’t have to buy new clothes”.

4. What would the last five things you’d buy with your last $20.00?

Well, my brother, $20 won’t buy you five things.  It would be a book.  A big thick boring book that I haven’t been able to get through yet.  Maybe ‘Don Quixote’ or ‘A Hundred Years of Solitude’.  That, and a happy meal.  Yeah, I said it!  I mean, I guess I am thinking of a stranded on a desert island type scenario.  That was how I got through ‘the Satanic Verses’… planted myself on a beach in Mexico for a week.  Great book, but silly long.

5.  Would you rather:  Have needles for leg hair, or Have flares shoot out of your nose every time you say the word “the”.

needles for leg hair.  What the hell do I care?  I suppose the wife wouldn’t be a big fan, though.  That is ok, we can work around that.


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