Friday Fives

1.  What makes a Smartphone so damn smart?

because my phone does everything. It has my music collection, it knows the weather, and with the navigation thingy… it tells me where to go.  It also tells me when I need to be places.  When I am bored, it has video games.  It’s like a wife you don’t have to buy horses for.  She… uh… doesn’t read this does she?

2.  Do you listen to podcasts?

yes, feverishly, and almost exclusively.  Adam Carrola, Greg Fitzsimmons, Car Talk, This American Life, and Fresh Air.  I endorse them all.  WAY better than the shit sammich that corporate rock radio is.  Best part is that iTunes syncs them all up for me.  I just plug it in once a week and blammo!  It is done, and it is free.

3.  When was the last time you actually watched an entire commercial?

lol.  Do they still make those?  btw, I was saying  ‘lol’ in character.  Ok, I do love this commercial.  Brilliant acting by the doctor character.  But yes, I DVR and skip commercials.  Know why, not because I don’t like commercials.  It is because the fucking volume drives me insane.

4.  Do you multi-cast (meaning watching television while surfing the web or video gaming)

busted.  I am watching 30 Rock right now as I type this.  Oh, and it is off the DVR and I am scanning past commercials.  You know me so well, Majikwah.  It’s like you are my smart phone.  Basically, our only computer lives upstairs with us in the family room.  It’s a laptop, and one of us is always on it.

5.  In an important situation when you must survive, answer the question “What would Don Draper do?” (A Mad Men reference. If you don’t know the show, fake it. )

Speaking of Mad Men, Mr Cooper (or whoever the white haired guy is) is on 30 Rock tonight.  Best show ever!  Back to the question.  I ask myself, what would my mom say… or how would my mom handle this.  It’s true, and it works.  My mom rules, and is a huge influence on me.


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. If you have the EVO, find the Chuck Norris free app. “When Chuck Norris enters a room, he doesent turn on the light, he turns off the dark”

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