Friday Fives

Do you have pets? If so, name them all and describe them!

Yes, many.  Dogs:  There is Max who is a golden retriever, and the most perfect dog in history.  Seriously.  Low maintenance, extremely sweet and loyal, well trained, and dumb as a GOP rebuttal.

Rufus – English Fox Hound.  Very sweet and beautiful, but a bit of a pain in the ass.  Because he is a hound, he wants to escape and hunt constantly.  He is a compulsive runaway.

Stella – my wonderful and impossibly cute  cat

Aiden – our half saddle bred, half arab gelding.  Good, smart, strong, handsome

Bema – our may mare Arab.  She is beautiful and smart but not nearly as nice as Aiden is.

          Fish – tons of them (55 gallon tank)

A dangerous situation is happening and you spot an animal trapped, probably too afraid to get to safety. It could be a raging flood or crumbling cliffs and the animal could be a dog or cat – or perhaps your own family pet. Would you make an attempt to save them?

Well, that depends on the circumstances.  Of course I would do what I can to save the animal.  However, let’s be frank.  I am not going to wade a raging flood to save a cat, especially if it is someone else’s cat.  Last month, though, I had to get an extension ladder out to save my cat from a tree.  She was way up in a pine and totally freaked out.  Does that count?

Even if you would or would not make an attempt, let’s say you somehow get to the poor animal but circumstances change and you can’t get back to safety. Maybe in the raging flood, you walked on something that finally broke free. Maybe the steps you used upon the crumbling cliffs had given way. Help has finally arrived in the form of a helicopter but they say they will only take you to safety and you must leave the animal behind. Would you or would you not?

                  Well, yes.  I mean, I love animals… but I love me way more.

There have been situations where people have tried to rescue dogs and cats but got stuck themselves. Do you think the rescue officials have the right to sue people who decided to help but ended up getting stuck themselves?

                I don’t even understand the question.  That is poorly worded, and I refuse to re-think it.

The questions were to make you think about the value of an animal’s life. Did it help you rethink a few things or did it just help you hash out what you already feel?

Neither.  My love of animals is unquestionable.  FACT.  Another fact:  this was a terrible round of questions.  I think I need a writing staff to feed me better material.


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