Friday Fives

1. What is the one place you never want to live?

The bible belt.

2. Do you consider yourself to be a “picky eater”?

no, but my wife certainly does.  Here is the deal, I don’t like pickles, olives, or mushrooms.  That is it.  I don’t think that is too picky.  I could go to any restaurant anywhere in America and find something good on the menu.

3. What do you think people say about you behind your back?

Hopefully, funny and kind.  More likely, napolean complex

4. If you could own and operate any major business what would be?

Easy > guitar store.  I love looking at them, playing them, holding them, discussing them, and making sweet sweet love to them.

5. Do you feel as if you are a black-and-white only person, or a person who sees many gray areas?

Absolutely see gray areas on every issue, especially as I get older.  My mom instilled in me to always see the other guy’s side.  It is very wise and helpful.  By knowing what they think, you can better position your argument, and see why you are being such an asshole.  Let’s pick something simple.  Pollution.  Pollution is bad.  I am an environmentalist (even worked for Greenpeace, so I am serious about this).  So, we make the companies not pollute.  But… what really happened?  We pushed all manufacturing out of the country.

So, we owe our national dept to China, we buy all our shit from asia, these companies are STILL polluting… and we don’t get the jobs or tax base infrastructure.  So, as much as I want clean water and blue skies… is it worth handing everything over to asia?  Look around you, wherever you are.  Just about everything you can see is made in China.  Your desk, your computer, your remote control, your chair, that light fixture.

I don’t think America can be great again without becoming a manufacturing society.  But, the only way to really spur that is to lighten up on some of the environmental regulations.  So, is it worth it?  This is why NO issue is black and white.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. Pickle juice in the french fries… is the nastiest thing ever. I don’t care if the pickle comes ‘on the side’… I don’t want it anywhere near my hambuger and fries. Does that make me a picky eater?

  2. I am here to validate your hatred of pickles. Pickles are the most horrendous thing ever invented. If I believed in god/devil or heaven/hell, I would preach that pickles are the food of Satan.

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