Friday Fives

If you could be any person in history past, who would you be? Why?

Anyone in Led Zeppelin

What if you had to make a choice, which would ultimately lead to a death, yours or another person’s, would you be able to do it?

I would most certainly choose another person.  You, for example.

What if that choice also allowed a life for someone else?

Where are you going with this?  Is there something you are trying to tell me?  Do I still have to die in this scenario?  I don’t like this question.  I told that nosy sheriff and his sassy parrot; my killin’ days are over.  I sure wish you city folks would just leave me to my turtle paintin’

The best pair of shoes you ever owned?

My chacos.  Greatest shoe on earth!  You can take your Tevas and stick them up your ass.  Although, I should acknowledge… I do believe it was Teva who came up with the idea of a sandal you could wear a sock with.  Yeah, I do it.  It is practical and comfortable you racist!

The ugliest outfit you wore as a child?

Oh, I have a picture of me in some kind of mumu as a small child.  It’s at work, I will dig it up.  Ok, that is it up top.  I am the cute one in the middle of my two older brothers.  What am I in?  Is that a dress?  A smock? Jesus, no wonder why I am so fucked up.  Thanks mom and dad!  You get the next bill for therapy.

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