They found Paul

Ok, this is basically for those who know Paul.  I won’t talk about the charges or assumptions or any of that.  In order to preserve his integrity, I am not even using last names.  There are a handful of folks who will follow this.  More to come later, but here is what I believe to be his mug shot.  Before you all rant and rave, I regard Paul as a friend… and he is innocent until proven guilty. I am aware of the charges against him.  However, I have never had a bad experience with him.  This is from the Argentina press.

I am not going to discuss or speculate on anything.  I am glad he is safe and accounted for.  There will be much to tell in the coming months.  Likely, I may start a whole separate blog to follow the story.  Quite simply, let’s hope he is innocent and mis-understood.

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