Friday Fives

Have you ever had to face your own mortality?

Yes, flying to Florida a few years ago we encountered the most insane turbulence.  It was terrifying, people were screaming.  I honestly believed we were going to crash.  Right then I made peace with everything and everyone and signed my goodbyes.  No regrets, I have had an awesome life.

Then, somehow, after about 30 minutes of that, we got through it.  I later learned the captain of that plane say it was the worst turbulence he had every flown through.  Translation > even the pilot was scared shitless.

Do you keep up with those in your past?

Not really.  Outside of my family, there are very few Arizona folks I am still in touch with.  I ran with a crazy crowd back then, so I had to adjust myself.  Fortunately, it appears they all did as well.

Do you stay reserved and hold your self back, waiting for your chance? Or thrown down the throttle and go?

Generally, the second.  Fortune favors the bold.

What is your plan for old age? Standing with your hose shouting get off my lawn? Or Steven Tyler -62-year sex symbol/television star?

Sitting on the deck looking over our land and horse and doggies and playing guitar for friends.  Having a few beers, sharing stories.  Not terribly different than my life now, really.


1 thought on “Friday Fives

  1. 1. Not really. I guess when my daughter joined the world I grew quite a bit. I’m living life much less for myself and more for her. Does that count?

    2. As much as I can. Those that were my friends a long time ago are still my friends today. Though I don’t get to see them as much as I want to these days.

    3. I’m told that I am reserved almost to a fault. I just like to have all the info before I make a decision.

    4. No plan yet. I just want to be healthy. Or at least be able to control my bathroom functions.

    5. I am a smoker. I have tried with varying degrees of failure over the years to quit. I’m going to look into the Chantix thing very soon.

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