Friday Fives

1. It is spring,  do you have a spring tradition?

yes.  yard work.  Thanks for reminding me, jerk.  Well, there are nicer things.  It is time to get the truck and stuff ready for camping season.  Oh, and not being freezing cold will be awesome.  Even though I have been in Colorado for about fifteen years, I still am made of Phoenix blood.  Did you just call me a lizard?  Not cool, bro.

2. Pick an item in your field of vision.  Where did it come from.  Why do you have it?

my acoustic.  I try and never be more than a room away from a guitar.  fortunately, I seem to have zillions… so that is achievable.  Where did it come from?  The tree of life.

3. Are you the big kid on the block or the runt?

the runt.  Thanks for bringing that up, too.  I get it, I am short.  Message received, jerk.  It’s all good.  I am loved.  I mean, you love me, right?  Forget it, I am crying anyway.  Not like you care.

4. If asked take me to your leader – where would that take us?

my dealer?  One eye Mark.  That guy can find anything, y’all!  Seriously, try the reds.  They are outta sight!

5. Do you see red when you’re mad,  or an other color?

don’t see colors.  When I get mad, I walk.  It is usually at work, and not ever a big deal in the cosmic sense.  So, I get away from my desk for ten minutes.

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