Friday Fives

1.) What smell brings you a fond memory?       

         Vanilla.  It isn't memory based, I am just crazy for that smell.

 2.) What song makes you nostalgic?     

        that 'Take me home, country road, I belong... West Virginia...
        mountain mama,  take me home'. That one.
        I ain't telling you why, it just does.  Maybe if you didn't get
        the site for free, I would be more forthcoming.
        Perhaps it is about time for 'I am Correct PREMIUM'.

3.) What taste reminds you of school?     

       super shitty pizza.  I mean, it was just old bread soaked in Ragu.
       Think of it like this, imagine if a pizza took a dump (now 
       remember, everybody poops).  That is what public school pizza tasted like

. 4.) Which season makes you remember the most things in your past? 

       Summer.  It is hot in Denver, which reminds me of really hot in Phoenix.

 5.) Which memory do you treasure?  

  great question!  Tell you what, captain freeloader, why don't you hop on over
     to 'I am Correct PREMIUM' for that little scoop. 

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