Friday Fives

1. Which song or musical artist always reminds you of a specific person you know?

 ‘Greatest Discovery‘ – Elton John and ‘Leader of the Band‘ – Dan Fogelberg.  These songs remind me of my older brother Scotty.  He and my other brother were HUGE musical influences on me… even though we can’t stand each other’s music now.  See, growing up we all shared a room.  We didn’t have a tv, or any kind of ‘hi-fi’.  We had this shitty tiny panasonic voice cassette recorder with a little crappy 2 inch speaker built in.  This is what we ALL had to listen to.  This was pre-walkman, for the most part.  So, what Johnny and Scotty listened to is what I listened to… like it or not.  They were older, so I had no choice (as it should be).  So, these songs we listened to from Scotty and they have clung to me and remind me of us all growing up together and sharing that room.

I wish I had a touching end here, about how he died… but in these songs he is always with me.  That would have been a great ending, huh?  Sadly, he is just fine.  So, find your tears elsewhere, you raging anti-semite.

* this last piece spawned a very funny discussion between my brother and I about why he didn’t have the courtesty to die for the narrative.  Turns out, he was unconscious in a dangerous way by his pool while I was writing this.  Read more here, I can’t make this stuff up folks.

2. Which song or artist is your guilty pleasure?

 ‘Take your Mama‘, and ‘What’s Going On’.   Great, incredibly well written songs that are just dumb and     pointless and wonderful pop.

3. There was once a time when every TV show had a theme song. Which is your favorite?

 Mr Ed is great because I remember every word for some reason.  Oh, Gumby too.  That theme was the bomb.  I mean, he can walk into any book with his pony pal, Poky, too.  If you had a heart, then Gumby’s a part of you.  Who writes that good? It’s like a singer was a prophet.  Forgive me, I am getting all verklempt again

4. Which song can you absolutely not stand?

I can’t think of anything.  These is much I hate in music, but I just listen to my Ipod or Pandora now.  So, the music has been pre-screened for potential suckitude.  WAIT WAIT – I know.  This is the worst song ever written.  It is from the rather likably Jackson Browne.  It’s called ‘For A Rocker’ and for that song… Mr Browne must be killed.  Don’t believe me?  Look at these hack as lyrics, and try not to kill yourself over the future of creative art.  Yeah, I could have cut out the reduncies, but I want you to read it has I have to hear it.  The whole f’n thing.

Open the door, baby turn on the light
We’re gonna have a party tonight
For a rocker
For a rocker

I know it’s late and you’re already down
You ain’t ready for people around
I’m gonna tell you something I found out
Whatever you think your life is about
Whatever life may hold in store
Things will happen that you won’t be ready for

I’ve got a shirt so unbelievably bright
I’m gonna dig it out and wear it tonight
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker

Don’t have to change, don’t have to be sweet
Gonna be too many people to possibly meet
Don’t have to feed ’em, they don’t eat
They’ve got their power supplies in the soles of their feet
They exist for one thing, and one thing only
To escape living the lives of the lonely

For a friend of mine, from the neighborhood
Moving down the line, after tonight he’ll be gone for good

Here comes ricky, danny, and doerge
They got petie’s number and they’re looking at me
Russell and bobby setting up the drums
Gonna pound on ’till the landlord comes
Don’t want to argue, I don’t want to fight
But there will definitely be a party tonight
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker

’till the morning comes, ’till the car arrives
’till we kill the drums, ’till we lose our lives

Hey jenny, tell peggy sue
We’re gonna do the only thing you can do
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker
For a rocker
There’s a party tonight!
There’s a party tonight!
There’s a party tonight!
There’s a party tonight!

for purposes of accuracy and integrity, I was going to link to a youtube of that song, like I did the others.  But, and I am serious, there is not a single version of  ‘for a rocker’ anywhere on youtube.  Not even your half wit cousin doing a cover with his webcam.  So, I guess there is some justice on the internet.

5. What is your personal theme song?

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’.  Why?  Because I am trapped in a small town and longing to break free?  Because I have this dope ass muscle car just sitting there waiting for the great American road trip?  Because only Wendy understands me?  Because we are gonna meet in the mist tonight and have a great time?  Nope.  None of those things.  I can’t relate to any of it.  But, it is the best song ever written.  So, it is never not good to listen to that song, a lot, loud.  I got to see Springsteen play this live, and it was a life affirming moment.  Truly, a ‘bucket list’ moment for a rock guy like me.

Let me tell some more about those songs.  ‘Greatest Discovery’ and I had a great moment last week.  I went to see Elton John play for the first time, and it was amazing.  He busted out ALL his hits, just solo with the piano.  He also played this song.

‘Leader of the Band’ has always touched me, but more so now.  It is a guy writing a love letter to his dad who has passed away.  As the story teller becomes a man, he understands more about his dad and why he was that way.  He simply wanted the best for his boy.  In the last few years, my dad has passed away… and so has Dan Fogelberg.  So, it’s pretty heavy, bro.

‘What’s Going On’ is more than just catchy crazy.  It brings me back to a summer in college.  I used to spend the summers traveling in Mexico.  Just backpacking around with no plan with a friend or two.  My room mates and I (who we all got along great, and are still in touch) had just bought the Four Non Blondes album because we loved that song so much.  Shortly after, I took off for another trip to Mexico.  During that time, the song had gone BIG in Mexico.  I heard it coming out of every radio.  As much as I loved that trip, when I heard that song, I missed home.  btw, do NOT buy that album.  It is terrible.  The singer, though, Linda Perry, is doing fine.  She is a professional songwriter now.  She writes the hits of Brittney, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Shania Twain…  all those gals.  Linda Perry is the real talent behind them.

‘Mr Ed’.  Well, it isn’t just catchy.  I sing it to our horses every time I walk them.  I am trying to teach them the last line.  it isn’t going well.  Of course, this comes from a guy who is teaching his cat to shake.  I am serious.  I am, and I will break new ground when I do.

‘Born to Run’ – just watch.  listen.  If this doesn’t move you, you are a Republican.  Worse than death!

** a further editorial note.  I do not pick these Fives, ever.  I receive them in the condition they are and give real time stream of consciousness answers.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. Here’s your ‘For A Rocker’ video.

    For the record (and I think you agree with me on this) ALL Jacson Browne music sucks.

    REM’s song ‘Stand’ is terrible. That was at the height of their career and they knew they could make anything and sell it.

    • Yeah-

      Jackson Browne also wrote this Nico song… which I like.

      jme… is how i spelled my name when I would get a high score on a video game… via 1983.

  2. egads, you bastard! Good news, though, I had NEVER ‘thumbed down’ a video before. Normally, I think it is cool whenever someone expresses themselves. But, tonight was my very first ‘thumbs down’. Now, bring me the head of Jackson Browne.

    By the way, not all his music sucks. he wrote the Eagles stuff in the 70’s. biggest selling music in history, Eagles have outsold the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and Michael Jackson.

    So, dude has some cred. Some.

  3. Oh, and there is this: Don’t EVER correct me on my blog ‘jme’. And what kind of name is that, anyway? Couldn’t your parents afford syllables?

    Tip > move to Hawaii. They give that shit away there.

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