friday fives

1.  Are you a prankster?  When was your last prank?

I used to be.  Not so much anymore.  I go an inch too far, and someone gets all butthurt.  That is in no one’s best interest.

2.  When was the last time some played a prank on you?

 likely, that would be my good buddy Brian Wright.  We are close, except he is a Republican.  Around election time, we fuck with each other a lot.  I sign him up for Democrat email distros, and he comes at night and plants pro-Republican signs in my yard.  It’s all good.

3. Multiple choice Abbott was the best Joker : Jack Nicholson?  Heath Ledger?  Ceasar Romero?

Heath Ledger.  Why?  Because that role killed him.  He campaigned hard for that roll.  Once he did that roll, he had trouble sleeping and was popping pills aggessively to help him sleep.  He said the joker character gave him nightmares.  So, dude died for his craft… and did a GREAT job.

4. Are you a joker?  A toker or a midinight smoker? 

Objection, your honor.  The question is leading the witness. (ed: Sustained!)

5.  Ever had a surprise party thrown for you?

not to my knowledge.  That is for people with friends. I don’t have friends, I have ‘readers’.  Thanks for nothin’!

1 thought on “friday fives

  1. Kevin… I’m sure there have been a bunch of parties where people were ‘surprised’ that you showed up. As in… who invited that F*c#er?!?!

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