Friday Fives

Technology Review:
1.  What is your earliest computer-use memory.

 When I was in grade school, I took a computer programming class.  There was only two computers, and we all had to share them.  It was the radio shack TRS-80.  It didn’t really do anything, and the only color on the screen was orange.  We would write 4 lines of code that could make our names scroll.  I think that was all it was truly capable of.

2.  When did you get your first cell phone.

 1997, and had one every since.  I kinda lucked out on that one, I was working for a cell phone company at the time.  Here it is.

3.  Was there ever a period in your life without cable television? Color television?

 yes, in college we lived without tv for a couple of years.  We thought we were being deep and eschewing mass media.  Really, we were just getting drunk all the time and having parties.  Who needs tv?

4.  Do you recall when your parents got a VCR?

 yes.  I remember how exciting it was to watch an actual movie at home.  It felt like we were somehow beating the system.  I remember how if you lost the VHS tape, they charged like $80 (that is probably $300 in today’s dollars).  Also, for some reason, they (the movies) weren’t for sale to the general public.

5.  What was the first video game you played?  What was the last video game you played?

 dunno.  Never been a gamer at all.  I am terrible at it.  I play games on my cell phone on the shitter, does that count?  Also, and maybe this makes a difference, I didn’t have a video game system growing up.  Of course, video games growing up were terrible.  It was Atari.  So, you could play Asteroids, that was about it.


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