Friday Fives

 1. have you ever really lived outside the country of your birth? why or why not?

yes.  in college, I spent a summer living with a family in Mexico doing an immersive Spanish learning thing.  It was super awesome.  Just an excellent experience learning to get around and cope.  It really forces you to learn the language.

2. what was your first record/cassette tape/cd?

it was a cassette.  Van Halen 1984.  What an album.  All hits, Van Halen at the top of their powers… and probably the coolest album cover evah!

3. what do you think of your parents?

 I love them.  They are wonderful and did an amazing job raising us.  I owe them absolutely everything.  My lawyer told me to say that.  Kidding!

4. what is your relationship with your hair?

have none.  I shave it bald two or three times a week.  I love it.  It takes me no time to get ready, and a shower is less than five minutes… when I bother.

5. what kind of pens do you like?

that is a really weird question, and not in series with the others.  Well, tell you this.  I don’t like to write.  I have terrible hand writing, and if I have to write too much, my hand gets crampy.  I way prefer to type.  I am faster, it is readable, can be formatted, and saved… so I remember what I said.  With that being unnecessarily said… ball point.  blue.  Has to be blue.  Know why?  When you sign a document with a blue pen, you always know what document is the original.  You are welcome for that little gem.


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