Friday Fives

Have you ever been to summer camp?

Yes.  when I was a wee lad, I went to Camp Whamatachick in Prescott.  It was the working class version of ‘Friendly Pines’.  Friendly Pines was where the rich kids went.  I know you want to hear that we had zany pranks and competitions against the rich kids.  Sorry, not so.  There were MILES away.  Anyhow, I got home sick and pussed out.  Made my mom come and get me after two weeks.  Thanks for reminding me of such a traumatic experience.

Have you ever made a s’more?

sure, of course. I grew up camping.  My parents instilled that in me as long as I can remember.  I was camping last weekend, and in fact I am camping this weekend.  I am going to tell you a secret, though.  All credit goes to Di, here.  We were up at Kenosha pass last year and she did the following: smores made with Reeses.  Blew my mind, I have not only never had that… I would have never thought of it.  They were awesome.  Good work, Di!

Have you ever slept under the stars (no tent/tarp)?

Not much.  I don’t much care for the morning or the morning sun.  Plus, camping involves pine trees (by law).  This means it is cold at night… even in the summer.  In fact, now we sleep in a horse trailer… which has a bed and blankets and stuff.  Camping is still great as I get older… but sleeping on the ground is wack.  Not what a 40 year old wants or needs.

Have you ever had a slumber party?

Um, I can’t say I remember one.  Dudes don’t really do that.  I mean, I would often have friends over… or stay over at friend’s houses.  My favorite was Rich’s house, because they had HBO off of one of those huge C band satellite dishes.  Other than that, dudes don’t slumber party.

What type of bed do you have (queen, twin, bunk, etc.) ?

a queen.  fits me and the wifey and a dog or two


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