Friday Fives



  1. If you had to be part of some reality show, which would it be?

the quiet guy on the hit show.  The one everyone wanted to open up…  like a walnut.  I want America wanting to know more about ole Lono.  On that note, you have done very little to help.  Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

  1. What would your challenge be for “Fear Factor”

I don’t understand the question.  Are you asking what can I tolerate that others would find super gross?  I am not as tough as I look.  So, I shall pass on your sucky offer.

  1. Which reality show do you enjoy watching?

well, not fear factor.  I think we can all agree on that.  I like Pawn Stars a lot, and also Gold Rush: Alaska.  also enjoyed celeb apprentice.  I no longer watch ‘Survivor’ or the ‘Amazing Race’.  Just got bored of the exact same thing with the exact same people.

  1. Which reality show would you never be caught dead watching?

the fat loss one.  Biggest Loser, I think.

  1. What’s so fascinating about reality shows anyway?

I enjoy watching genuine reactions.  I know, I know… this is rare in reality tv.  Things are punched up, edited, and re-enacted for the cameras.  However, on occasion you get a real glimpse of humanity.  I like it as a cross reference to how I might have behaved.


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