Friday Fives

  1. What phobia do you have?

what kind of question is that?  Am I supposed to say ‘spiders’?  So you can get a bag of spiders and a spider shooting gun and shoot spiders at me?  My phobias are my own business, jack.  How about this?  I fear nearly all forms of dance.  I dance like Elaine Benes.

  1. How did your phobia come about?/Or how do you think it came about?

ok, spiders is a pretty big one.  I think I wrote about that.  After breaking a finger moving, I would say I have a pretty big fear of hurting my hands.  That is why i wear gloves doing even the most menial tasks.  Except… moving amplifiers (which is how I crushed it)

  1. If you could replace your phobia with any other, which one would it be?

I am not a phobic person, I swear.

  1. What phobia would you wish on your worst enemy?Why.

you know what, I don’t care for this line of questioning at all.  You have phobia issues, I don’t.

  1. What phobia do you not wish on you worst enemy?Why.

angoraphobia.  Fear of wearing a rabbit sweater outdoors.  Goddamn, that is some hot satire.


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