Friday Fives bonus music edition

*** editors note > I wrote this the day before Amy Winehouse died. Just a coindicence, really.

Hey all,

The last two weeks of ‘fives’ have frankly beeen phoned in crapola.  I have been super engaged in moving and settling.  You deserve better.  Not much better, but better.  So, here is a free look at my awesome music psyche.  Here are the first five songs that come up on full random on my iPod.

There are 14,292 songs on my iPod.  here goes:

Rehab- Amy Winehouse

man, what a talent.  Too bad she hasn’t done ANYTHING in five years.  I remember the first time I heard her sing.  I was listening to the local clear channel factory.  I was impressed they were playing 50’s R&B (black people music, in a nutshell).  The song was ‘back to black’.  The wifey explained it was a young hot limey chick.  I could hardly believe it.

Anyhow, your reaction might be that she is an overrated hack.  Not the case, watch this clip:


This drinking will kill me – Dwight Yoakum

normally, I don’t like country.  Certainly not any comtemporary country.  But, for Dwight I have an exception.  I was over at Eddie’s house many Easters ago.  Dwight doing ‘guitars, cadellacs…’ a capella.  Just him and his voice.  It is off this album, which converted me instantly.   I love it so much, i actually picked up one of the songs and perform it in my band. Also, Dwight is a great actor, and you have seen him in tons of movies.  He does bit parts, mostly.  Sling Blade, Crank 2, and a bunch of others.  He gets about five lines, and you would not recognize him because without his hat he is balder than I am.

Don’t Tell Me – Madonna

I LOVE this song.  I don’t have much Madonna on my iPod.  only two songs, I believe.  This, and ‘Ray of Light’.  I also remember when I met this song.  Madonna was on Letterman and played it, on acoustic.  It was impressive.  Here is that clip. 

Kick Drum Heart – Avett Brothers.

This song is ok.  Like everyone else, I fell in love with them on ‘I and Love and You’.  GOD that is a really really great song.  The rest is marginal.  They need someone to help write their songs and flesh out their ideas.  A Mutt Lange, a Steve Lillywhite, or a Glen Ballard.  Those guys are the modern ‘Brill Building’.  They are hit factories.

Lonely – Tom Waits

Tom Waits is the bomb.  This song, which is a complete downer, is from his first album.  Written in 1972, the year I was born.  Actually, almost all the songs on this album (Closing Time) are downers… but beautifully written.  You won’t hear Tom Waits on the radio, ever.  But, his songs are out there.  Rod Stewart made ‘downtown train’ a hit.  The Eagles made ‘Ole 55’ a hit, and Springsteen made ‘Jersey Girl’ a hit.


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