Friday Fives

1. Will your memoir be a Hollywood blockbuster?

are you implying it wouldn’t be?
2. What was your favorite as a kid: comics, cartoons, or movies? Was there a specific title you liked most?

loved cartoons.  Watched Scooby Doo every day.  Also loved the James Bond movies.
3. Do you read genre fiction?

   no.  Don’t read fiction at all.  I am an aggressive reader, but non fiction only.  There is so much real life, with so many real amazing people who did real things, I want to learn from them.  Compare myself to them.  To me, and I know this sounds pretentious… but reading fiction is a waste of time.
4. Are there aliens out there?

I don’t think so, but I can’t say otherwise, either.  I feel the same about aliens as I do about ghosts.  I neither believe in them… nor not believe in them.  Does that make sense?  I am agnostic on those issues.
5. If you could recommend one underrated movie to people what would it be?

oh man, I have two.  ‘Gotcha’ and ‘Summer School’ are the best bad movies ever made.  Rent them.  Buy them.  Wait, both sold so poorly, I don’t think either was actually made into DVDs.


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