Friday Fives – the millennial post

Ok, team… dig this.  The following is my 1,oooth post here at I am Correct.  I started in 2003, while you were still in your mama’s belly and she was spinning 8 tracks on the console.  I want to thank Roy for teaching me about blogs, and helping me set this up.  More importantly, I would like to thank me.  Without me, I never would have been able to get this far.  There were times when I wanted to quit, but I was always there to get me back on track.  I would like to get a little solemn here, and dedicate this post to me.

For historical reference, I wanted to link to my first post here.  However, it was on a different provider/server.  Plus, it wasn’t very good.

but really, thank you.  Even if there is just one of you reading, it means the world to me.

1.  Ok, obligatory football question – the season begins – where do we stand this season?

8 – 8.  This is a rebuilding year for us.  Plus, I am not sure how good anyone can be after the bullshit that went on in the offseason.  To me, this season is a write off, and I can just watch and enjoy.

2. Rocking to the radio today and thoughts drifted to favorite tunes.  What is your first “favorite” rock song?  When and why?

born to run – Springsteen.  It’s just a masterpiece.  It has everything…  great storytelling, amazing musical tension, great pacing, there is just nothing like it.  It is best loud.  I know that is a total rock cliche, but with this song it is the case.

3.  Rocking continues – what is the song on the current radio scene that moves you?  Why?

I don’t listen to the radio.  However, I know KBCO is playing the shit out of Ray LaMontagne and I could not be happier.  When I do listen to rock radio, it is generally KBCO.  God bless Brett Saunders, the greatest DJ ever.

4.  Do you have a favorite rock lyric?  What does it mean to you?
in a pinch, I am going with this gem from the Stones.  This gem comes from ‘honky tonk women’.  Are you ready for it?  It goes thusly:   She blew my nose and then she blew my mind.  I mean, it is simultaneously the best and worst line ever written.
 5.  When this song comes on the radio, it makes you change the station – why?

for a rocker, by jackson browne.  I once stopped listening to an entire station forever for playing that song.


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