Friday Fives

1. Would you rather own a blimp or a submarine?

oh, a blimp. not sure why. Actually, I still just wanna be invisible, really? I mean, what am I gonna do in a submarine? Sure, the earth is 75% water… but who cares? You like fish sticks, Kanye?

2. If you were a super hero (and maybe you already are) would you go with or without a cape?

cape. Very cool. Since I am bald, the cape would be like surrogate long flowing hair.

3. Aliens versus Time Travelers. Which would win in a Battle Royale?
logic would dictate time travelers. They could go back in time and jack up the aliens. Steal their technology, shame their leaders, and kill Sarah Connor?

4. If were a Time Traveler, what Time would you set the dial to?

1967 San Francisco

5. As a child, what was the favorite outdoors pursuit? Hide and Seek? Kick the Can? Kick Ball?

hide and seek was popular, but my favorite stuff was anything that involved bikes. Jumps, wheelies, and every variation of the two. I once saw a kidnapping happen while I was at the vacant lot where we built the fire ramp. For reasons that should be obvious, we were not allowed to do the fire jump… so none of us ever told our parents about what we saw because we didn’t want to get busted for being at the lot.


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