Friday Fives


What was your first pet’s name? 

Beau.  A beagle.  a HUGE beagle.  So gentle and sweet and old

What kind of animal was your first pet?

beagle.  aren’t you even paying attention?

If you have a pet now, what kind of animal is it? 

a pet?  HA.  I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 horses.  Oh, and a bunch of fish.  I am crazy for animals, but you knew that already.  Here are their names, you can assemble them yourself.  Max, Rufus, Oscar, Stella, Bema, Aiden, and Thomas.  The fish are not named at this point.

What is your favorite animal to have as a pet?

golden retriever

What animal have you always wanted to have as a pet?

a turtle and another parrot

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