Friday Fives – disaster edition

now playing, a Fives ‘two-fer’.  I felt I phoned in the earlier one, so came armed this morning with a new batch, as promised.  See that pic below, that isn’t photoshopped.  That is a fire tornado.  Forest Fires create there own weather, and that is some biblical shit!

1. What natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, floods, landslides, etc) is your area prone to?


2. What natural disasters have you experienced firsthand?

 Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and some blizzards… but those (blizzards) don’t count, I don’t think.  At least with Blizzards, you generally have a 2 to 4 day lead time to get groceries or whatever.

3. Have you ever been evacuated due to a natural disaster?

 nope.  Also, because of the work I do for Red Cross Disaster Team, I actually head into disasters when you are heading out.

4. Have you made/do you make any special preparations in case of natural disaster where you live?

 yes.  We keep about 20 gallons of potable water ready in case of power outages, which are rampant out where we are.  You might be thinking ‘but Lono, you don’t need electricity for water’.  You would normally be correct.  However, we live off well water, which requires an electric pump.  So, in that case… I am Correct.  Hmm, that is catchy.  I think I am going to use that little gem.  Also, don’t ever question me in front of the site.

5. What type of natural disaster scares you the most? 

Natural disasters don’t scare me.  I think they are super cool.  But, that is why I got into the Red Cross.  When shit goes South, I want to be there.  Well, except Volcanoes.  Are those natural disasters?  I am not down with volcanoes.  Anything else, I am ready for!  I hope to complete the trifecta and power through a hurricane.  Not sure why, but I like being in this environment.  Probably because I am effective at taking charge quickly when necessary.

When I was in that tornado, my first thought was that it was a hurricane.  I was in the garage packing for a Broncos game.  Looked out in the street and it got super windy.  The trees in the neighborhood were sideways.  Then, just like in the movies, peoples’ fences and chunks of roofs went flying by.  Yes, I thought it was a hurricane.  Why?   Well, I was seeing 100 mph winds and rain.  Being from Arizona, I had no frame of reference for either.  After about 2 minutes, though, I realized it could not have been a hurricane… we are a thousand miles from the sea.

I didn’t think it was a tornado, though.  Tornados are supposed to come with sirens.  Whoops.  Douglas County doesn’t have tornado sirens.  Also, people who have been in tornadoes say “it sounds like a freight train”.  It didn’t

 I mean, it was really cool.  I did what you are supposed to do.  I went to the basement… and got my digital camera… and came back up and took pics.  I would put there here, but that was about ten years ago, and I have no idea where those photos are.  The problem is, the pics were digital and stored online.  Like a digital dummy, I never backed them up.


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